How Semrush Product Updates Amplify Digital Marketing Strategies | Semrush Review

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In today’s fast-paced technological environment, it is only wise to future-proof your business by taking it online. In this Semrush review we will attempt to show you how you can leverage on their tools to remain up to speed with the technological advancements. According to a KPMG report, 55% of consumers go online to check the reviews for a product before making a purchase. 47% visit the company website, 26% check out the physical store, and 23% of people talk with friends and family about it.

However, these impressive statistics also mean that there will be increased competition from different spheres. Therefore, it is prudent to invest in some tools like Semrush and strategies to align your business for massive wins in the digital space.


Digital marketing research

One of the best tools to this end is Semrush. This is a tool that provides ideal solutions to help online businesses to amplify their digital marketing strategies. Also, the online tool comes with over 40 tools. This includes new ones, which are designed to cover different aspects of content creating and market research.

Recently, Semrush was reworked, which means that the packages now cost a little bit more. However, they come with a host of new plans and visuals to ensure that everything is worth your overall investment even with the updates.

In this Semrush review, you will find everything you need to know about the recent product updates and how ideal they are in amplifying content marketing strategies for your business.

New Semrush Pricing Plans Updates

There haven’t been any price changes in the Semrush plans since 2017. However, inasmuch as they continue updating their products year in year out, the price changes will affect only the new users that are signing up for their packages from 2021. Therefore, in this Semrsuh review, you will discover that you will continue to enjoy the new updates with the same old pricing plans.

Pro Account

  • For this account, new users will have to part with $119.95 per month, which is about 20% higher than the previous price. However, as a Pro user, you will enjoy more capabilities, including sharing PDF projects, creating 5 instead of 3 projects, and access ‘read-only’ projects.

Guru Account

  • When you sign up for your Guru account now, you will pay $229.95 per month. Much like the Pro account, there are also more capabilities here, especially in terms of functionality. Some of the updates you can expect include creating 15 projects, historical data access, monitor over 1500 keywords, and access Google Studio Connector, among many others. Therefore, this is a pretty robust platform to amplify your content marketing strategies in 2021.

Business Account

  • Costing $449.95 per month, the Business plan, you will easily create 40 projects and at the same time monitor the estimates of your online SoV (share of voice) with your position tracking tool.

However, it would be best if you kept in mind that the type of package you choose to go for will largely depend on the nature and size of your business. Therefore, ensure that you find one that suits your business best.

Furthermore, it is worthwhile to mention that the platform offers a lot more features, which you would have to pay more for on other platforms. Some of these features include access to:

  • Keywords
  • Mobile data
  • Extensive reporting, including customizable options or pre-built templates
  • Hyper-local position tracking

Advertising and Content Marketing Toolkit Updates

Content marketing is king in the future. Semrush understands this fact, which is why they also added updates to this end. There were some minor tweaks and improvements but bottom-line, the functionality remains the same.

The content marketing platform by Semrush is quite unique, especially in the amplification of digital marketing strategies for any sized online business. It is capable of covering the whole workflow for creating top-quality and highly relevant content that not only meets the user’s needs but SEO as well.

Now, you can easily discover the headlines, trending content ideas, and questions to ensure SERP feature optimization using their Content Marketing Toolkit. Also, you can create SEO-friendly briefs or copies. They will stay in line with the SERP success while keeping track of the content performance. You will also be able to carry out a thorough audit of all the existing content assets.

Semrush review: Advanced advertising toolkit

On the other hand, their advertising toolkit was revamped. This will help you create your Google Ads campaigns. It will enable you to conduct in-depth competitive research. You can also explore the campaigns of your business rivals to ensure that you find not only the best but also the most efficient keywords. Furthermore, you can use these advertising toolkits to amplify your strategies to enable you to bring higher ROI and CPC from your PLA, PPC, and other campaigns.

Semrush Review: Social Media Updates

Although this toolkit is not a major Semrush feature, it is pretty ideal at enabling your business to build its presence across different social media platforms. It will also help you with social media management.

With the toolkit, together with other tools like Social Media Poster and Social Media Tracker, you can now better automate how you schedule your social media routine. This works on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and Twitter.

The two updates introduced in 2020 were:

Review of Semrush Social Media Analytics tool

  • This tool comes in handy in helping your keep your business’s reporting and analytics in one place. Therefore, it is a reflection of your performance metrics, including post reach, new follows, engagement, and the engagement rate for Instagram and Facebook.

Social Media Ads tool

  • If you want to amplify your business’ social media advertising, you can use this tool to create your ads, air or manage them across different platforms like Facebook Messenger, and Instagram. Also, you can do the same for the Audience Network platforms. You don’t have to worry about complex settings anymore. Therefore, you will gain a competitive edge because of the performance-driven ads.

Competitive Research Updates

Competitive research by semrush
Competitor research illustration

This Semrush review will show that the updated toolkit is quite comprehensive. It can deliver impeccable results when it comes to online advertising, SEO, benchmarks, market trends, social media, content, and PR strategies.

The toolkit ensures your business is always in a position to make data-driven decisions while coming up with incredible marketing strategies. Here are the improvements that Semrush made to this toolkit.

Review of Semrush audience insights on traffic analytics

This too is instrumental in allowing you to gain a broader perspective of how your website is performing. It includes an overview of the traffic acquisition tactics, top sources of traffic, and user engagement signals.

Since the improvement of the traffic estimation algorithm in 2020, users can now gain a more accurate insight about their competitor’s traffic count. Also, you can now easily use it to analyze your rival’s subdomains in case you need data on a given section of their website.

Inasmuch as this was a significant update, the Audience Insights aspect carried the day. This is a way of helping you overlap the percentage between another domain and yours. Therefore, now you can:

  • Gain a better understanding of if you picked the right competitor for in-depth analysis.
  • Easily evaluate the potential of your audience.
  • Ensure that you make better informed and data-driven decisions regarding the potential impact of partnering with others and marketing activities.

More market benchmarks in review of Semrush

When you use this tool, you can get an incredible overview of any particular market. This is vital in helping you know the exact industry trends, audience characteristics, and market benchmarks. At the same time, you can easily get a better picture of the main players including their market share.

Since there was a great geo-expansion, this tool now extends to more than 190 regions and countries. With the addition of the Growth Quadrant widget, the market intelligence tool can now easily showcase the key industry players, categorized into:

  • Established players
  • Leaders
  • Game changers
  • niche players

Moreover, they also added the Benchmarking Report. It functions to allow you to choose up to five rivals to compare traffic sources, counts, and the important audience characteristics.

Semrush Review: SEO Updates

The SEO toolkit is a collection of about 15 tools. The tools ensure you have a wholesome coverage of everything SEO. This is including on-page SEO analysis, site audit, rank monitoring and backlink management.

Furthermore, the platform comes with a wide keyword database with over 20 billion words. In 2020 only, Semrush was able to update its SEO toolkit with a host of features, including:

  • Domain Overview: This is a high-level tool that gives a bird’s eye view of any website’s online presence. It includes the position trends, traffic numbers, keyword and backlink profiles.

Essentially, you don’t have to enter a country to gather the important site metrics. You can now easily enjoy a worldwide view. Also, it doesn’t only limit you to the domain view analysis. With the roll-out of the URL-level and subdomain-subfolder analysis, you can choose to look at a specific section of a competitor’s website.

Semrush competitive research
Comparison of 5 websites’ audience

Moreover, you can now simultaneously analyze and compare five rivals using the Compare Mode. This is a significant method of enabling you to spot a few common patterns across the rivals’ performance online.

For you to assess the potential of any keyword, you can use the Global Volume feature. It enables you to see the monthly search volume of the keyword of all the featured countries. At the same time, it will show you the breakdown of the keyword showing where it is searched most.

Furthermore, you can use this report to get an in-depth analysis of the SERP. It will show the top 100 search results for every keyword. It includes the referring sites, keywords, backlinks, search traffic and URL’s key metrics. Also, with the addition of the Questions and SERP features, you can get insights to help in keyword optimization.

Another significant update we have to cover in review of Semrush is the Keyword Gap feature. This tool is pretty handy in enabling users to spot any hidden or missed organic and paid keyword opportunities. This is depending on the competitive insights.

Other Updates in Review of Semrush

Here are some of the other updates that are worth mentioning:

  • On-target Backlink Audit: This year, you can enjoy advanced and more accurate Toxic Score of every link. Therefore, if you want to get an overview of the best-performing pages on your website, use the Target Pages report. You will gain deeper insights on the lost, broken, active or new backlinks. If you want a detailed analysis, you will have to link your Google Analytics account.
  • Powerful Site Audit: Businesses use site audits to analyze the health of their websites. With the recent improvements, users can now use the Markups report. You will find points of improvement to enable your website to experience better organic performance. It utilizes user-friendly vizualisation of markup implementation errors and usage to enhance the overall functionality of the site’s audit.
  • Listing Management Tool: This tool is vital for enabling greater local SEO wins. With the 2020 geo expansion, there was an addition of more available countries like Germany and France. Therefore, you can now enjoy the benefits of a comprehensive SEO toolkit.
  • Agency Growth Kit: This toolkit includes a range of features tailored to help your business to attract and retain customers. Using the Agency Partners Platform update, you can gain new lead generation opportunities. Furthermore, your business will enjoy greater access to advanced reporting capabilities that you can find under ‘My Reports’. Therefore, you can use a wider selection of report customization options, including white-label and branding.
  • Unlimited Client Manager Access: You can take advantage of this update to automate your customer management routine. You can do this by adding all the customer profiles. At the same time ensuring that you maintain all the crucial client data, reports and projects in one place.

In a Nutshell

Despite all the challenges of 2020, Semrush came up with updates that will ensure that online business stay afloat. These updates will significantly amplify their strategies. Furthermore, these updates are instrumental in making the platform better and stronger to attend to all its clients’ needs. This is because it offers the services of many platforms in one.


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