10 DIY renovations you can make to a new home

When we purchase a house, we all want this new space to feel like home by renovating it to suit our uniqueness and preferences. DIY renovations may seem like a far-fetched idea and a big task. However, with the right ideas, upgrading your house becomes effortless.

So, let’s delve in and see some of the DIY renovations you can make to your new home.

1. Adding space to your front yard with a container

20ft Container

We at times buy a house and feel the space is too small especially if you’re looking at having your office in the house and there are not enough rooms. Containers offer affordable spaces and can be renovated to suit your preferences.

The above videos offer helpful information on container houses, the types of containers available, where in Kenya you can get containers, and ideas on what to do with the space among others.

2. Patio

If you have a spacious backyard, there is no need to leave it empty you can spruce it up by adding stylish accessories like:

  •  Creating a space where you can enjoy yourself with your family and friends. A place you can sit out and enjoy the weather, read a book, meditate, etc.
  • Adding a botanical garden
  •   Car canopy

3.  Build your own shelving units

If you’re running out of storage space, you can create more shelves. Stand-alone shelving units are versatile pieces.  They offer both form and function to the design in any room – providing much-needed storage and display opportunities.  Building your own shelving unit is a great way to ensure that it matches the style of your space.

4. Refresh your rooms with paint

You can give your washed-away walls a new life by repainting your house. Repainting often gives the home a new, desirable, and crisp look.

Repainting your house does not necessarily require super DIY skills. It’s also relatively inexpensive compared to hiring a contractor to make new walls or buying new furniture.

5.   Fancy floors

Your floor is one of the largest canvases in your house and can make or break your home design if not done well. For rented apartments, retiling is expensive and not an option I would advocate for.

So, what do you do if you can’t stand your floor? Here are some of the options to consider:

  • Rugs and carpets – this is one of the cheapest options to consider where you just lay a carpet or fancy rugs.
  • Carpet tiles- also known as modular tiles, come in different shapes, colors, and sizes and you can use one that matches your home theme.
  • Luxury Vinyl flooring (VF) – It’s not as expensive and mimics other materials like stone or hardwood.

6. Cool ceilings

To make your ceiling look more interesting and get rid of the boring white, you can incorporate some of these designs.

  • Add fancy chandeliers – Chandeliers add a bit of elegance to your room. Depending on your house design, you can choose a simple or cascading design.
  • You can also paint your ceiling to match your wall design or opt for a contrasting design.

7. Accessorize Your Entrance

Give your entrance a polished look by adding small accessories that add a touch of elegance. Ensure details such as the outdoor lighting, house number, etc. can give someone a lasting impression and show your personality.

8.  Doorway

Declutter your entrance by adding storage spaces that make your entrance look neat. You can consider adding a shoe rack, wall hooks for jackets, etc.

9. Accentuate with better lighting

You can accentuate with better lighting by ensuring each room has three different light designs. You can have bulbs that provide dim light, bright lights, or different colors to bring more life into the room.

10. Repair damaged wood parts and cabinets

You can replace chipped wood or broken cabinets to give the house a new feel and also to increase its durability.


With the right ideas, DIY house renovations become effortless. It becomes easy to renovate the new space to suit our uniqueness and preferences. The ideas are limitless and you’re free to go all out and experiment.

Imagine renovating your house with the tap of a button. Well, you may say it’s impossible, but before the internet and electric cars, who would have predicted it? But yes, we will move from renovating our house using physical tools only to a combination of both digital and physical.

Here’s a little house that will get all your creative juices flowing especially with the front yard.

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