The correlation between noise pollution and property prices in Kenya

Definitions of noise pollution (a) time of the day; (b) proximity to residential area; (c) whether the noise is recurrent, intermittent or constant; (d) the level and intensity of the noise; (e) whether the noise has been enhanced in level or range by any type of electronic or mechanical means; and, (f) whether the noiseContinue reading “The correlation between noise pollution and property prices in Kenya”

Is it cheaper to buy or build a home?

Is it cheaper to buy or build a home? When first-time buyers set to make that investment and purchase property, they are faced with two conflicting questions “should I buy or build?” To best help answer your question about whether it’s cheaper to buy or build a home, let’s delve into the advantages and disadvantagesContinue reading “Is it cheaper to buy or build a home?”

Is buying property a good investment?

Is buying property a good investment? Which is better: buying a car for an Uber business or purchasing land? According to Trading Economics, the inflation rate in Kenya as of July 2022 was 8.3% the highest recorded increase since 2017. Investing in both land and or a car for Uber business is both profitable sinceContinue reading “Is buying property a good investment?”

Investing in real estate in a recession

Is investing in real estate in a recession a possibility? Recessions are no new thing in the country and the world at large. Recessions are characterized by high unemployment rates, falling stock prices, high-interest rates, and loss of consumer confidence.  In 2007 when Kenya faced election violence, house prices took a steep, stock prices reduced,Continue reading “Investing in real estate in a recession”

How to Invest in Real estate in Kenya from Diaspora

Most Kenyans living in the diaspora spend most of their finances on the purchase of land. However, the question begs how does one invest in real estate from the diaspora? According to a survey done by the Central Bank of Kenya in 2021, the remittance from the diaspora amounted to USD 3,718 million with mostContinue reading “How to Invest in Real estate in Kenya from Diaspora”

7 New Trends in Real Estate

The real estate sector remains a major player in the country’s economy. Over the years, its contribution to the overall GDP has grown exponentially. According to the Kenya Bureau of Statistics, it grew from 10.5% in 2000 to 12.5% in 2012, in 2016 it was at a whopping 13.8% and even with the recession, itContinue reading “7 New Trends in Real Estate”

How does mortgage refinancing work?

What is mortgage refinancing? How does it work? If you have bought a home, you have probably applied for a mortgage from your bank. The process of refinancing a mortgage is no different than applying for a mortgage in the first place. So, what is refinancing? Refinancing is a term used when an existing creditContinue reading “How does mortgage refinancing work?”

The Importance of Local SEO and How to Get the Best out of it

Before Google embraced local SEO when the “big boys” would set base at a particular residence, the presence of small businesses would start diminishing and even worse close. However, in 2010, when Google embraced the concept of local SEO, an equal equilibrium was set. So, what is local SEO and how do I get theContinue reading “The Importance of Local SEO and How to Get the Best out of it”

What is Social Media SEO?

Marketers have become more aware that for them to boost their brand, implying proper SEO strategies is a must. So how then do social media and SEO links? As the world is growing into a global market, marketers and business owners have then seen the need to integrate different marketing strategies. Social media SEO orContinue reading “What is Social Media SEO?”