Newsletters As An Investment Asset In 2021

Newsletter investment strategy

Newsletters are sent by different companies to keep their clients and prospects engaged. Companies and communities use newsletters to update customers on the latest news about what they are doing. Newsletters also contain new products, improvements, financial health, projections and plans for the future.

Rarely do people think of newsletters as a form of an asset the same way they do the stock market or real estate. However that mindset is slowly changing and individuals and business owners are starting to notice an interesting trend in the field of newsletter investing.

Best example of successful newsletter

One of the best examples is when Yaro Bagriy, a Minneapolis-based indie maker, small business investor, and developer acquired the IndieMailer newsletter community. Yaro said that the 100+ members pay a certain amount per month thereby bringing revenue. Nevertheless, he foresees that in the world of newsletter assets newsletter fatigue could pose a potential loss in the area of newsletter flipping, as there’s only a number of newsletters one can subscribe to monthly. This then leaves an opportunity in growing one’s revenue through affiliate links or sponsorships.

Hubspot academy in its 2020 marketing trends and statistics report, indicated that 31% of B2B marketers say email newsletters are the best way to nurture leads. (Content Marketing Institute, 2020). The conversion rates in newsletters are proving to be more promising than any other digital marketing channel.

Email marketing

Newsletters and email marketing go hand in hand because that is how most of us receive our newsletters from different marketing managers. However, newsletters are meant to be less salesy and non-promotional. The key thing is that they’re both supposed to keep readers engaged.

According to Hubspot, the inbound marketing gurus, “You might be wondering if email is still a worthwhile marketing strategy. Well, it is. In fact, email generates $38 for every $1 spent, which is an astounding 3,800% ROI, making it one of the most effective options available.”

In an increasingly digital world, email has cut out its space and every marketing department is scrambling to organize their email marketing efforts.  Statistics prove that there are more than 3.6 billion email users daily. In addition, 73% of millennials prefer communication from businesses to come via email.

It is advisable, therefore to ensure that you press the gas pedal on your email marketing efforts and most especially optimize your emails for mobile devices too. Did you know that in 2020, Hubspot reported that Mobile opens account for 46% of all email opens? To top it all, 35% of business professionals check email on a mobile device. 

Let’s look into the benefits of newsletters.

Advantages of newsletters

1.       They don’t require a rigorous learning process for one to produce them. When done well, they have a tendency to create an impression of high effort in creating them. With amazing tools like mail chimp for sending out personalized emails and canva as a source for beautiful images, sending newsletters has become much easier.

2.       Newsletters don’t get affected by rapid Google SEO core updates. Google regularly updates its algorithms and it takes time for websites to figure out what needs changing. Newsletters are obviously not affected by these rules as they’re on email. This is in comparison to having a website as an alternative asset that would be affected by Google algorithms.

3.       Regular revenue streams from subscriptions and affiliate sales.

4.       Vital data such as open rates, click rates, number of subscribers are available and easily verifiable.

5.       Very few risks involved.

With that in mind, if you want the newsletter strategy to work for you, getting dedicated, specialized Email copywriters is key.

Benefits of hiring copywriters for your newsletter

Copywriter working

1.       Copywriters help you complete projects quickly and in due time.

In the interview with Stefan Von of Alternative Assets, the IndieMailer owner is of the opinion that one of the trends in newsletter acquisition that is likely to grow is the need for curators. We only have so much time in the day and therefore it makes sense to get people to curate content specific to the different communities you’re in. This is where curators come in.

2.       Takes the pressure off the marketing team.

Copywriters handle the arduous task of researching and putting quality content together without any grammatical or typographical errors.

3.       Freelance copywriters can also help you get more flexibility while saving costs.

For instance, if you have huge projects that will take two weeks they can work on it in that time only. Freelancers get paid per project rather than on a full-time basis which is budget-friendly in some instances.

4.       Maintain great quality content

As professional copywriters keep on helping you release good, quality outstanding content, you stand a chance in maintaining quality standards that your audience will appreciate.

Professional copywriters are able to focus on specific topics and thus become experts in certain community interests. This further enables them to get creative and innovative about different ways to engage with your audience.


Take time to do some research on potential newsletters that you want to acquire. This is the right time to dive into new territories in the digital investments arena. It’s always better to get into the investment game before it becomes flooded. When demand and supply factors come into play and cause the prices to escalate, your margins will ultimately shrink. Flipping a newsletter is just like buying a website. Research on the best strategy to employ so that you can tap into this under-rated gold mine of newsletters acquisition. It’s expected to continue growing as far as the trends of digital marketing in 2021 are concerned.

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